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Hello World

Gerald Senarclens de Grancy <cms@senarclens.eu>


Starting a Python Shell


While Loops

while condition:
    # statements

In-Class Examples

Homework and Required Reading

  1. Prepare the second chapter ("Textual data") of "Head First Programming". If you do not have a copy of the book, work through part 4 ("More Control Flow Tools") up to and including 4.5 "pass Statements" of the Python tutorial. (Until next week!)
  2. Create a PythonAnywhere user
  3. Do the 1st homework
  4. Use Kate (or PythonAnywhere or your favorite editor) to do the examples


and feedback...

Further Reading

Paul Barry and David Griffiths Head First Programming O'Reilly (2009)
Mark Pilgrim Dive Into Python 3 (2nd edition) Apress (October 23, 2009)
Python Software Foundation Python Documentation http://docs.python.org/py3k/
Bjarne Stroustrup Programming – Principles and Practice Using C++ Addison Wesley (December 15, 2008)