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VRPTW with
Multiple Service Workers

A Designated Operator for Reducing Trucks

Gerald Senarclens de Grancy (,
Marc Reimann (

YAMS, December 2012, Graz

Problem Background and Motivation

Delivery of soft drinks to small and medium sized retailers in Sao Paulo:

  1. Time windows for delivery
  2. High-density populated region
  3. Congested streets and scarcity of parking lots

Typical Route

typical route

New Problems

The objective of our current research is to create a fast algorithm for creating high quality solutions for the VRPTWMS with predefined clusters.

Route Construction and Metaheuristic

New Truck Reduction Operator

The objective was to create a fast deterministic local search operator that improves the overall solution quality by explicitly focusing on reducing the number of trucks.

Sample Application

0_truck_reduction_operator 1_truck_reduction_operator 2_truck_reduction_operator 3_truck_reduction_operator 4_truck_reduction_operator 5_truck_reduction_operator

Aggregated Numerical Results

old (ts; aco) new
#trucks 148; 150 145
#workers 389; 377 368
#distance 15096; 15137 14976.83
iterations / s 152.53 158.53
Best known VRPTWMS solution values

Summary and Outlook

Remains to be done
  • Comparison to best known VRPTW solutions suggests that further improvement is possible
  • Determine parking location and customer clustering
  • Extend system to allow multiple periods

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